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August 2022

How we enable 24/7 customer service with chatbot

Chatbots work for VP Immigration all day answering potential clients' questions and book a paid consultation.


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How we enable 24/7 customer service with chatbot

Project Overview

VPimmigration law firm provides paid consultation to the clients, and clients can only book the appointments by calling them. As a person has to take appointments, VPimmigration can only take appointments during business hours, leading to losing clients. VPimmigration does not want to lose any potential clients, so they want to provide appointment booking through their website. They want to be creative and provide appointment booking on their website with an interactive chatbot. They also want to take intake sheets and provide immigration information through a chatbot.  The amount of data they want to provide is enormous and context-based. The chatbot should also take payment from the clients before confirming an appointment, create an outlook calendar invite, and send a confirmation email with an intake sheet link.


VPimmigration commissioned NvisionKC to develop this complex chatbot. NVisionKC decided to leverage the existing frameworks and services to develop this chatbot.  NVisionKC determined that all the chatbot requirements can be developed with the Microsoft bot framework and cognitive services. The backend of the chatbot is developed with Microsoft Bot Framework, and the Microsoft webchat library is used for UI. Developing this sophisticated chatbot requires custom-tailored solutions. NVisionKC ingeniously solved problems that were raised while developing the chatbot. The chatbot developed by NVisionKC has the following advantages or features.

Project Results

Easier Data Entry  

The chatbot must answer questions related to the immigration services, and some questions should lead to an appointment booking suggestion. The amount of data that the chatbot can provide to the clients is enormous. We found that Microsoft QNAmaker is suitable to store and query huge data. QNAmaker also easily integrates with the bot framework. QNAmaker can only store questions and answers and allows multi-turn questions and answers, which means an answer to a question can have further questions. So we requested VPimmigration to convert the data into question and answer format for chatbot conversation. Multi-turn questions and answers are so deep that VPimmigration cannot use a regular editor like MS word to enter the data. NVisionKC then came up with a solution to use mind map software to enter the data and export it to a tab-delimited text file. The file is then converted to QNAmaker JSON format and pushed to QNAmaker using REST API.

Elegant UI

In some cases, instead of just sending a text to the chatbot, we want to send tables, action buttons, take input as form, etc. Fortunately, the Microsoft Bot framework supports adaptive cards, allowing us to create and send custom cards to the chatbot, which are highly customizable. Adaptive cards are used to display the list of available appointment times, welcome message, and payment form.

Confirmation Email with Any Email Address

The bot sends a confirmation email to the customer after booking an appointment. The confirmation email also contains a link to the intake sheet. It lets users submit the intake sheet at any time. The bot sends emails to the clients using SendGrid API. SendGrid API allows the software to send emails with a custom registered email address.

More than a Chatbot

VPimmigration wants to take client intake form through the chatbot, but the number of fields inside the client intake is numerous, and it is not feasible to take through the chatbot. We created a webpage with the intake form and provided the link to the clients after completing the appointment booking. Luckily, the Bot framework is an extension of the asp.net core; it can serve web pages. We exploited the asp.net core feature to develop the intake form functionality. In this way, we don’t have to develop multiple applications. The bot itself can handle the intake sheet feature.

Secure File Uploads

Clients can also upload the files in the intake sheets, and this raises some security concerns. NVisionKC provided a secure file upload feature in the intake sheets. The bot stores the uploaded files in the Azure blob storage.  We enabled windows defender for the blob storage and configured it to report any malware uploaded to the blob storage; in this way, we prevented clients from uploading a malware and VPimmigration from downloading a malware

Logs and Analytics

During an event of failure or compromise, logs allow us to determine the root cause of the problem. We deployed the bot in Azure and enabled app insights. The bot is configured to log every event to the app insights. The app insights gives information about the bot uptime and metrics. Even though app insights provide metrics, it doesn’t provide any analytics about the user actions. To get the user action analytics, we made a custom workbook. When the workbook is opened, it displays the stats of the user actions.

Low Development Time and Reduced Deployment Cost

Higher development times incur a lot of money. We created the chatbot in a couple of months by leveraging the existing technologies and third-party open-source libraries.  The UI of the web chatbot is deployed in the Azure blob storage instead of using a web server, reducing the deployment cost. The chatbot itself can take intake sheets from the users without requiring another program. It eliminated the need to deploy another program which further reduced the deployment cost.


The design of the chatbot is modular. It is easy to add or remove a feature. Each skill of the chatbot is designed as a module.


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"Outstanding transition and collaboration."

Facing the retirement of our senior in-house developer, the critical task of choosing a top-tier partner for our mission-critical system maintenance was at hand. We required an efficient, dependable organization capable of consistently supporting our internal production code.

My initial meetings with Grace Ann and her team left a lasting impression. In under nine months, they seamlessly assumed control of our production system, demonstrating exceptional leadership and expertise. I'm fully confident they will maintain their commitment to excellence, delivering exceptional results for years to come.

Joshua Tyler

"Tremendous success with an exceptional team."

Our partnership with NvisionKC has been a tremendous success.  We worked together to develop a safety App for reporting Near Misses and Incident Investigations.  When we started this journey, we really didn’t know exactly what we wanted, but we had an idea.  The team at NvisionKC took that idea and ran with it.  What they didn’t know, they researched and found out.  NvisionKC presented ideas and options to us that we hadn’t dreamed of and/or didn’t even know were possible. I highly recommend NvisionKC to anyone who is looking to partner with a team of professionals that have a great attitude, are easy to work with and strive hard to understand your vision and bring it to life.

Faron Morris
Safety Manager

“Committed and extremely knowledgeable”

The key to the success was NvisionKC's ability to identify and communicate all objectives and project deliverables. NvisionKC was extremely knowledgeable about the containerization software process. More than that, they clearly comprehended how it would add significant value while also improving our security posture within our environment. The NvisionKC ' strengths of mutual respect, open communication, and commitment contributed to successfully achieving all project goals for our team. We highly recommend working with NvisionKC.

Wayne Hall
Information Technology Manager

“Exceeded our expectations”

NvisionKC built our agency a website that exceeded our expectations. Our old website was outdated, not user friendly, and no longer fit our needs. The team at NvisionKC performed a thorough analysis on our website and presented us with many options and suggestions for improvement. We were very pleased with the level of communication which allowed for the project to go smoothly. They are a team of talented individuals who get the job done.

Hope House
Marketing and Communications Manager

“Attentive, professional, and responsive”

NvisionKC was a pleasure to work with – attentive, professional, and responsive. They exceeded our expectations and met our deliverables in a timely manner, while also being adaptive to project changes. We would highly recommend their services for business automation and application development.

Evergy Energy Partners

“Very knowledgeable... and did a great job”

Not only did NvisionKC tell us what we should know about our intranet design, but we also learned many things that we did not know. Grace and her team were very knowledgeable and always guided us with the proper advice at crucial stages of the project. They are easy to work with and did a great job integrating with our staff to understand our business needs.

Brian Dryfhout
Director of Communications
at Ash Grove

“Highly recommend NvisionKC”

NvisionKC has been a tremendous help in developing the tools we need to reach our vision. They have been very responsive to the needs of our customers and personable throughout our whole development process. They go above and beyond to ensure they understand our needs and that the tools they have developed make sense for our applications. I highly recommend them and we plan on using them again in the future.

Kent Kelly
Health and Safety Analyst
at Ash Grove

“Dedicated to our ultimate success”

NvisionKC has demonstrated that they are dedicated to the ultimate success of our law firm’s chatbot.   Grace has made it clear that she and her team are not going to give up on this challenging task and have invested their own additional resources to make our vision theirs as well.

Suzanne E. Vazquez
Florida Bar Board Certified Immigration Specialist

“Huge things are in store for NvisionKC”

Grace and I first met at HCONN, Grace quickly became my right-hand person and was involved in every aspect of the business.  She developed out our project management plans, our training plans, helped develop our approach of a changing SharePoint architecture, and anything else I needed.  Although I was awarded Microsoft VP of the quarter after growing our business from 0 to over $3 Million in revenue in the first two years the award really should have been hers.

David Alexander
CEO of Social Managed

“Look forward to working with NvisionKC again!”

We brought aboard NvisionKC to enhance our view to the outside world regarding who we are. They were in tuned to all aspects of our business, business needs, and approach. They were phenomenal to work with, easy to adjust to our busy schedules, and insightful as to the correct direction regarding our needs.
We are forever grateful, and we look forward to working with NvisionKC again!

Arnold E. Crutchfield,
President at World Management Inc.

“The most talented architect”

My experience with Jason was phenomenal. He completed his project on time. His coding was the cleanest.  Most importantly for me, his clients loved him!  Jason took it upon himself to rework our workflows, software, and processes and then gain the team's commitment to these process improvement areas.  

David Alexander
CEO of Social Managed

“True experts in automation”

NvisionKC was highly professional and reliable. They accessed our challenges quickly and accurately and provided solutions in a timely manner.  Their customer service was excellent - building rapport with our team quickly and focusing on our needs and requests. 

Andy Won
Executive Director of Administration at IHOPU