Local Government

Solutions for city, county, and state-wide organizations.

Accelerate Public Services

Expediting citizens' public records requests makes them feel empowered, satisfies their needs, and creates greater trust.

NvisionKC can streamline your processes by eliminating paper forms and the manual handling of requests - turning shuffling mountains of documents to just a few clicks. Automating these inquiries also increases accuracy, ensuring that the right documents get to the right people, enhancing the experience for both workers and citizens alike.

Facilitate Faster Repairs

Schedule work orders for field services and repairs, track request progress, collect supporting evidence, and compile audit documentation - all from your mobile phone.

NvisionKC can enable your organization to handle inspections digitally, on any device, with a customizable app to suit your business needs and legal compliance obligations. Even without internet connectivity, forms can be completed and will synchronize when online.

Streamline Procurement Processes

Reduce cycle times, increase accuracy, and improve flexibility in your procurement processes through digital transformation.

NvisionKC can help you reduce the time it takes to onboard a vendor, ensure consistent product listings and catalogs, and remove unnecessary manual interactions while maintaining compliance with your existing policies and regulations.

Additional Use Cases

Additional Use CaseAdditional Use Case

Proactive Equipment Service

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Human Resource Automation

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Departmental Budget Transfers

Case Studies

Case Studies

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Truly exceeded our expectations

We were under a tight schedule with a legacy application in our environment, and the NvisionKC team stepped in with remarkable response and efficiency. Their deliverables were precisely what we needed, with exceptional quality and attention to detail. Their expertise truly exceeded our expectations. Highly impressed and satisfied with their outstanding work!

Dylan Gentry
Director of Information Technology, City of Leawood