Applications to enhance worker health and safety.

Enhance Workplace Safety

Safety inspections are crucial to helping prevent near misses, accidents, and injuries,but when paper reports get lost or delayed, it puts your employees at risk.

NvisionKC can enable your staff to fill out forms on their mobile device, attach supporting evidence, and submit in real-time - allowing work on corrective actions to begin immediately. Detailed logs and history can be provided to external auditors to ensure timely and thorough remediation took place, creating a safer environment for all.

Facilitate Faster Repairs

When equipment breaks, business stops. NvisionKC can streamline maintenance requests from creation through approval, dispatch, ordering replacements, repair, and invoicing.

Empower technicians to complete reports and upload photos from any mobile device, anywhere. Forms can even be completed offline and will synchronize when connectivity is restored.

Streamline Procurement Processes

Reduce cycle times, increase accuracy, and improve flexibility in your procurement processes through digital transformation.

NvisionKC can help you reduce the time it takes to onboard a vendor, ensure consistent product listings and catalogs, and remove unnecessary manual interactions while maintaining compliance with your existing policies and regulations.

Additional Use Cases

Additional Use CaseAdditional Use Case

Defect Case Management

Additional Use CaseAdditional Use Case

Efficient Supplier Onboarding

Additional Use CaseAdditional Use Case

Human Resources Automation


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Powerful Data Transformation

InnovaPrep, a sample prep solution provider for the life sciences industry, focuses on data driven decisions in managing and growing our business. As an organization, we decided to invest in PowerBI Pro as part of our MS 365 subscription and use the tool to drive actionable strategic decisions. NvisionKC was instrumental in helping us learn and understand the tool and helped us in implementing this powerful platform. Their training and consulting services positioned our organization and report-writers with the knowledge to quickly launch and utilize the tool. PowerBI has become instrumental in helping us understand how our organization is operating, and what areas of our business are doing well, and what areas we need improvement in. We highly recommend working with NvisionKC.

CIO, InnovaPrep

Outstanding transition and collaboration

Facing the retirement of our senior in-house developer, the critical task of choosing a top-tier partner for our mission-critical system maintenance was at hand. We required an efficient, dependable organization capable of consistently supporting our internal production code. My initial meetings with Grace Ann and her team left a lasting impression. In under nine months, they seamlessly assumed control of our production system, demonstrating exceptional leadership and expertise. I'm fully confident they will maintain their commitment to excellence, delivering exceptional results for years to come.

Joshua Tyler
CEO, Dorris Lumber and Mouldings

Tremendous success with an exceptional team

Our partnership with NvisionKC has been a tremendous success. We worked together to develop a safety App for reporting Near Misses and Incident Investigations. When we started this journey, we really didn’t know exactly what we wanted, but we had an idea. The team at NvisionKC took that idea and ran with it. What they didn’t know, they researched and found out. NvisionKC presented ideas and options to us that we hadn’t dreamed of and/or didn’t even know were possible. I highly recommend NvisionKC to anyone who is looking to partner with a team of professionals that have a great attitude, are easy to work with and strive hard to understand your vision and bring it to life.

Faron Morris
Safety Manager, Morris Packaging

Committed and extremely knowledgeable

The key to the success was NvisionKC's ability to identify and communicate all objectives and project deliverables. NvisionKC was extremely knowledgeable about the containerization software process. More than that, they clearly comprehended how it would add significant value while also improving our security posture within our environment. The NvisionKC ' strengths of mutual respect, open communication, and commitment contributed to successfully achieving all project goals for our team. We highly recommend working with NvisionKC.

Wayne Hall
Information Technology Manager, D Thomas and Associates

Very knowledgeable... and did a great job

Not only did NvisionKC tell us what we should know about our intranet design, but we also learned many things that we did not know. Grace and her team were very knowledgeable and always guided us with the proper advice at crucial stages of the project. They are easy to work with and did a great job integrating with our staff to understand our business needs.

Brian Dryfhout
Director of Communications at Ash Grove, A CRH Company