Application Modernization

Drive Innovation through Strategic Legacy App Solutions


Modernizing unsupported, legacy applications is not just a technical fix; it's a strategic investment in reducing risk and an opportunity to enable innovation and enhance the user experience.  NvisionKC has decades of experience evaluating applications and eliminating the limitations, bottlenecks, and bloat imposed by off-the-shelf software.

The Challenge

Unsupported applications often lack critical updates, leaving them open to cyberattacks and data breaches. Refactoring helps modernize the codebase, making it more secure and reducing the risk of costly security incidents. Older applications struggle with compatibility with newer operating systems, browsers, and devices. They are also more difficult to maintain; lack of vendor support, dwindling internal expertise, and outdated technology make bug fixes and enhancements increasingly expensive or impossible. Refactoring ensures smooth operation on current and future technologies, preventing disruptions.

How We Engage

NvisionKC applies a six-step framework to every development project. This allows us to break projects down into distinct phases so that we can monitor progression and results along the way.  By planning and envisioning, we assure that our proposed solution fits perfectly to your business and technical needs.  Walk hand-in-hand with us as we build your solution, test, and train your users how to leverage the output to its fullest capacity.  Our assistance does not end upon go-live, after the move to production we can continue to assist with updates, changes, and new feature requests.

Our Results

NvisionKC has decades of experience creating or modernizing applications to resolve the issues they present.  Customer stakeholders are actively involved in our projects from the start, ensuring a vested interest in the result.  Our customers receive modern applications with a completely refreshed look and feel.  These updated applications are supported by current hardware, operating systems, and capable of receiving security patches, system updates and new features.


Don’t take our word for it.
See what our clients say.

Truly exceeded our expectations

We were under a tight schedule with a legacy application in our environment, and the NvisionKC team stepped in with remarkable response and efficiency. Their deliverables were precisely what we needed, with exceptional quality and attention to detail. Their expertise truly exceeded our expectations. Highly impressed and satisfied with their outstanding work!

Dylan Gentry
Director of Information Technology, City of Leawood

Outstanding transition and collaboration

Facing the retirement of our senior in-house developer, the critical task of choosing a top-tier partner for our mission-critical system maintenance was at hand. We required an efficient, dependable organization capable of consistently supporting our internal production code. My initial meetings with Grace Ann and her team left a lasting impression. In under nine months, they seamlessly assumed control of our production system, demonstrating exceptional leadership and expertise. I'm fully confident they will maintain their commitment to excellence, delivering exceptional results for years to come.

Joshua Tyler
CEO, Dorris Lumber and Mouldings

Committed and extremely knowledgeable

The key to the success was NvisionKC's ability to identify and communicate all objectives and project deliverables. NvisionKC was extremely knowledgeable about the containerization software process. More than that, they clearly comprehended how it would add significant value while also improving our security posture within our environment. The NvisionKC ' strengths of mutual respect, open communication, and commitment contributed to successfully achieving all project goals for our team. We highly recommend working with NvisionKC.

Wayne Hall
Information Technology Manager, D Thomas and Associates

The most talented architect

My experience with Jason was phenomenal. He completed his project on time. His coding was the cleanest. Most importantly for me, his clients loved him! Jason took it upon himself to rework our workflows, software, and processes and then gain the team's commitment to these process improvement areas.

David Alexander
CEO, Social Managed