Staff Augmentation

Empowering your technology-driven success with expert staffing solutions.


NvisionKC offers unparalleled staffing services tailored to meet the specialized needs of businesses seeking proficiency in SharePoint, Microsoft Power Apps, Power BI, and project management. Recognizing the critical role these technologies and skills play in modern business operations, our mission is to bridge the talent gap by connecting companies with highly skilled professionals. From short-term project needs to long-term engagements, NvisionKC is dedicated to delivering expert solutions that drive efficiency, innovation, and strategic growth.

The Challenge

Companies often struggle with the time-consuming process of vetting candidates, ensuring they have the necessary technical skills and fit the organizational culture. This challenge is compounded by the competitive market for skilled professionals and the critical need for expertise in these specific areas to leverage technology for business success.

How We Engage

Our team members apply a six-step framework to every technology project. This allows us to break projects down into distinct phases so that we can monitor progression and results along the way.  By planning and envisioning, we assure that our proposed solution fits perfectly to your business and technical needs.  Walk hand-in-hand with us as we build your solution, test, and train your users how to leverage the output to its fullest capacity.  Our assistance does not end upon go-live, after the move to production we can continue to assist with updates, changes, and new feature requests.

Our Results

By partnering with NvisionKC, companies can expect transformative results. Our clients experience a seamless recruitment process, gaining access to a pool of pre-vetted professionals ready to make an immediate impact. This leads to accelerated project timelines, enhanced productivity, and the ability to leverage cutting-edge technologies like SharePoint, Microsoft Power Apps, and Power BI to their fullest potential. Ultimately, NvisionKC’s staffing solutions empower businesses to focus on their core operations and strategic initiatives, confident in the knowledge that their staffing needs are expertly managed.


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