Jessica Jang

Jessica Jang

Software Engineer

Jessica is a highly motivated and talented professional in the field of technology who receives kudos and compliments every project she has delivered.

Talented Software Engineer

Jessica, a talented professional in the field of technology, was born in the U.S. and spent her formative years in South Korea before moving to Thailand with her family. Her passion for web development ignited during her youth when she sought to bridge the distance between friends abroad by creating a private website to share diaries and maintain communication. Although initially unfamiliar with coding and self-study methodologies, Jessica persevered by meticulously analyzing source codes from various websites and gradually crafting her own. In the end, she successfully created an accessible website that served its intended purpose.

Inspired by this personal challenge, Jessica pursued a degree in graphic design while continuously expanding her knowledge and skills. She dedicated herself to delivering web solutions that offer a clear and user-friendly presentation of information, while also incorporating aesthetic elements that reflect the sophistication of the subject matter being presented. Over time, Jessica's expertise and dedication led her to become a UI/UX specialist, where she excelled in crafting engaging user experiences.

Currently, Jessica has transitioned into the role of a software engineer, where she continues to make significant contributions. Her focus lies in building insightful Health and Safety solutions and custom applications that are both powerful and intuitive to use. Leveraging her deep understanding of user experience and her technical prowess, Jessica's work consistently delivers exceptional results and provides seamless interactions for end-users.

With her diverse background and extensive expertise, Jessica remains committed to pushing the boundaries of software engineering and creating impactful solutions that positively impact people's lives. She is a highly motivated professional who thrives in challenging environments, and her dedication to excellence sets her apart as a valuable asset in the industry.

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