Jessica Jang

Jessica Jang

UI UX Web Specialist

Jessica is a talented UIUX Web Specialist who receives kudos and compliments every project she has delivered.

Talented UI UX Web Specialist

Jessica was born in the U.S. and grew up in South Korea. Then she moved to Thailand with her family. Her interest in web development stems from an experience from her youth. As a teenager missing friends abroad, she started to make a private website to share diaries and communicate with them. Jessica was without any knowledge about how to code and how to study them at that moment. She started by copying source codes from other websites, analyzing them, and writing one of her own. In the end, she made an accessible website that suits its purpose. By this own challenge, she learned how pleasing it is to study something she did not know to achieve a goal.

Jessica went to major in graphic design. She is continuously learning and putting a hard work to produce a web solution with a clear, user-friendly presentation of information and also concerning aesthetic aspects that can visually represent a touch of class of the subject the webpage is introducing.

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